After illustrating for over 18 years i am pleased to announce that my work has landed into the NewYorker!


On the stands this week the Journey’s Issue of the NewYorker. If you happen to pick one up, get your postage stamp magnifying glass and see if you can find the series of Red Nose Studio images sprinkled throughout the issue.

Needless to say this is my first appearance in the NewYorker and i am beside myself. the scale of the images created a challenge compared to the vast real estate of a full page illustration, so i felt i needed to find a way to reduce the information so it could read at a postage stamp scale.

here are the sketches and initial tests i presented to the art director, looking for a way to capture the sense of adventure, exploration and an all around good time.

3879-RNS_Journeys-SeriesROUGH-L3879-RNS_Journeys-SeriesROUGH-I 3879-RNS_Journeys-SeriesROUGH-D 3879-RNS_Journeys-SeriesROUGH-B 3879-RNS_Journeys-SeriesROUGH-M 3879-RNS_Journeys_mountain-test 3879-RNS_Journeys_car-test


i was glad to hear that the Senior Designer Kathryn Long was as excited about this new approach as i was.

3879-RNS_aeroplane_FINAL-lores 3879-RNS_CrescentMoon_FINAL-lores 3879-RNS_gondola_FINAL-lores 3879-RNS_Mountaintop_FINAL-lores 3879-RNS_PolarBear_FINAL-lores 3879-RNS_Railcar_FINAL-lores 3879-RNS_RedWood_FINAL-lores 3879-RNS_rocket_FINAL-lores 3879-RNS_tightwire_FINAL-lores