this winter i was asked by Irene Gallo of TOR books to illustrate a gritty short story by Christopher Rowe called Jack of Coins.

when Irene described the story like this, i was hooked:

The story has a great atmosphere. (The writing is just odd enough to feel unfamiliar but not so much to be distracting or overly self conscious.) A urban dystopian setting. A group of young men without enough to do…And then an oddly dressed stranger comes in to give them some direction.

read the story here-> Jack of Coins

after reading the story i was obviously drawn to the stranger and his uniform. part band uniform, part military with a bit of face card thrown in. here are the sketches i narrowed it down to:

3876-RNS_JackOfCoins_rough5 3876-RNS_JackOfCoins_rough4 3876-RNS_JackOfCoins_rough3 3876-RNS_JackOfCoins_rough2 3876-RNS_JackOfCoins_rough1


once Irene and i tossed the sketches around and talked about what we felt worked best, the building began.

here are shot of how the buttons for his jacket were created:

IMG_2956 IMG_2957

a collection of references for the uniform:

IMG_3058 IMG_3059 IMG_3063 IMG_3070

the ArtCraft Theater in Franklin, IN was my inspiration for the theater that needed to be constructed:photoIMG_3089  photo

here is the group of ‘kids’ that hang out under the marquee in the story: topping out at about 1″


the final:



thanks to Irene Gallo for thinking of my work for this project and to Christopher Rowe for the story