I was recently asked by Kory Kennedy the Design Director at Entertainment Weekly to illustrate a page for a review of their #1 video game of the year.

Journey created by That Game Company.

I am about as far removed as one can be from video games, but when i watched some of the walk throughs of the game on youtube i was instantly drawn in by the visuals and the concept of the game. A game that is described as peaceful to play, what a unique concept…

The game speaks for itself, if you can, give it a go. I look forward to playing it one of these days.

here is a bit on the process:


3824-RNS_Journey_rough002  3824-RNS_Journey_rough3 3824-RNS_Journey_rough4 3824-RNS_Journey_rough5 3824-RNS_Journey_rough6


the nondescript character’s eyes have a mysterious glow to them that i wanted to capture. I notched the back of the head and inserted two led lights, and wired them to a button and circut board from a discarded superhero greeting card.







the cloak was fashioned after the character in the game, trying to remain as faithful to the design as possible yet keeping a handmade feel to it.


20 pounds of sand on the set. IMG_2702 IMG_2790

the swirling light that wraps the characer was created by drawing with a little light bulb on a wire while the camera took a 3 second exposer. it only took about 300 shots to get the light steakes to look right.

here is a sequence of some of those light tests:


and the final piece: