Over Labor Day weekend I had the opportunity to lead another stop-motion animation workshop.

This time it was for the Design Family Reunion aka the INSTEAD Conference. It is a conference unlike any other that i have participated in. A slowed down pace and conversation galore. Never have i had such an opportunity to sit back and take in conversation with new and old friends. No masses of people herding in and out of ballrooms and no powerpoint presentations.

Matthew Porter  spearheaded this event and he says ” We modeled the gathering  on family reunions and wedding weekends sans the pyschotic uncle or the perverted old grandfather. But we were inspired by other out of the box gatherings including Design Farm, Design Ranch, Into the Woods and Design Camp at AIGA chapters across the nation. We hope to call another gathering in two years in Washington Stat or outside Santa Fe.”

Here is the short animation put together by about 16 folks in 6 hours.

to see a plethora of photos from the Reunion go here on flicker.


my transportation for the weekend (the bike that is)

The set was supposed to be set up outside but due to heavy drizzle during the workshop we had to make due with what we had. (wouldnt have had it any other way) this still is from a test i did the day before. loved the light from the overcast day.


Rebecca Bedrossian of Communication Arts, and Adam Brodsley of Volume Inc and Wendy Quesinberry of Quesinberry & Associates.

Doug Grimmett of Primal Screen working the Cyclist.

Jacqueline McCarthy of Vivitiv on the left. Burt Durand on camera and Brian Stauffer aka rigging.

Special thanks to Mark Kaufman also of Vivitiv for helping facilitate the workshop prior to and during the conference.

the mass of negatives from the polaroid land camera workshop by Woody Welch and Sean Carnegie of El Chavez

Me and Debra Naeve of Monterey Bay Aquarium trying to figure out a land camera before we cycle around the area for the elusive ‘perfect’ shot.

my humble attempt at a lino cut from the print workshop with Mr. Patience himself Francois X Pavy.


Hats of to Mr. Porter for a delightful gathering and for raising the bar on this crazy notion of getting to know folks face to face.